What Is the Optimal AC Temperature for the Summer?

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Summertime can mean warm weather outdoors, but are you setting your home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA for too low a temperature indoors? There are optimal temperature recommendations for your home during the summer months that are designed to save you on your energy bill while still keeping you comfortable in your home.

When you will be home

If you want to be comfortable but still save on your energy costs, it is best to keep your home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA set at a higher temperature when you are home. A balanced 78 degrees will be cool enough to stay comfy while saving you on your AC use throughout the day. This may seem like a higher temperature than you are used to for staying cool, and it may take some time getting acclimated to, but it will feel comparatively cooler inside your home compared to the scorching outdoor temperatures.

When you sleep, you may want it a little cooler, as your body will respond more favorably as a result of the natural temperature dip. This doesn’t mean that you need to lower your thermostat significantly, as extremely low temperatures can cause your AC unit to freeze up, rendering it useless to cool your home. A comfortable temperature in the mid-70s may be just what you need to get a good night’s sleep and still maintain your energy costs.

When you won’t be home

A programmable thermostat is a perfect way to regulate temperatures during the summer and use the least amount of energy possible when you are not home. When you are away from your home for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you keep your home at 83 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for your home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA, as it will run a minimal amount of time and still keep your pets as well as your plants safe. Anything higher than 83 degrees could be a danger to pets and may produce humidity that could damage your plants.

Setting the thermostat on your home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA to cool down 30 minutes before you arrive home will also make sure your house is comfortable the moment you arrive home. It takes approximately 30 minutes for your AC system to cycle on and cool your entire home to temperature, which can make it feel perfectly comfortable when you get home from work or running errands for the day. Use the away setting anytime you will be gone for eight hours or more to help save on your energy usage with your AC unit.

Raising the temperature of your home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA can help you save on your monthly cooling costs and still allow you to be comfortable while you are at home. Don’t forget to use the away feature when you are not home to save even more. When you need repairs to your AC system, contact Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service. We have nearly 30 years of experience maintaining, repairing and installing air conditioning and heating systems, and look forward to assisting you soon!

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