November 30, 2021

"Donald helped out my senior parents when their heater stopped working. He arrived at their house within 20 minutes of my call, granted he is only 5 miles away but fast nonetheless. Diagnosed it quickly and instructed me how to repair it. Job well done."
September 4, 2021

"I just called Don to get an idea for the cost for a HVAC project we want to do. He was super helpful on the phone, even knowing that we were indecisive about whether or not to get the service done. We appreciate your help and will consider your business in the future, thank you!"
July 20, 2021


"I called Don on Sunday morning at 7 with no AC and temp forecasted to be on triple digit. The AC breaker tripped previous day when we hit 110 deg and after I reset, the AC was not working inside the house so I turned off the system. Most companies are closed on Sundays but Don picked up my phone while fixing his breakfast and showed up within an hour. Don checked everything and found no issues with my system. He explained what might have happened and changed batteries of my thermostat. Eventually the problem got resolved. Don spent about an hour in troubleshooting but refused to charge me anything since there was nothing wrong with my system. Don is a sincere and honest person, genuinely willing to help his customers. I highly recommend him and he is my go to person now for any future HVAC needs. "
July 20, 2021

"We called Don on a Sunday morning because our A/C unit stopped blowing cool air. He was able to come out within a couple of hours and promptly fixed our issue. He also took the time to describe the problem and helped with ideas on better cooling and heating options. We highly recommend calling Don whenever you need assistance with your cooling and heating needs. "
May 6, 2021

"Mr. Don is such a professional - came on time and checked thoroughly. He helped me tremendously. He is very HONEST and FAIR. Book no one else but his company. Thank you, Mr. Don. He did not tell me to do this. I just want to give a very fair review for a job very well done! Thank you."