September 5, 2019

"Nothing would turn on. Couldn’t get the air, heat or fan to turn on. Don came out and fixed it right away by replacing a few parts. Professional, fast and friendly. Thanks Don!"
September 4, 2019

"My wife called Don after hours when our AC stopped blowing cold air. He came by the next morning before work which was so awesome, it was still 85 degrees in our house with the windows open with this summer heat. He diagnosed and replaced a capacitor within minutes and we were already getting cold air. The previous owners had also left a cap off near the bottom and left another cap lose which was causing the leak, Don diagnosed that and topped off our refrigerant, and within about an hour our AC is working great! Thanks to Cassel for getting us back up and working so promptly, prices seem very fair as well."
September 1, 2019

"Company came out and misdiagnosed my outside unit. though they didn't fix my unit I was pleasantly surprised by the apology and refund of the service call. Mistakes do happen"
August 10, 2019

"I want to commend Cassel Air Conditioning for responding so quickly to help us when we returned home from vacation to find our AC was not functioning. It was 106 degrees outside, and other companies were quoting 1-3 week delays in service or $250 charge for emergency repair. Don Cassel was experienced and quickly diagnosed and repaired the problem. He was beyond fair in charging for his service. People should know this is an excellent business! I will definitely rely on Cassel in the future."
August 9, 2019

"Don Cassel installed our A/C Heating system in 2006. Eleven years later the capacitor went out on a week of 108 degree days. Even though he was scheduled 5 AM to 9 PM all week, he made time to stop by within 24 hrs since he values customer loyalty. Thank you, Don!"