The Dangers of Dirty Heater Coils

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California stays relatively warm year-round, so most homeowners and business owners don’t turn on their furnaces apart from a few particularly chilly days in the winter months. However, although you may not use your furnace often, you should not neglect maintaining it year-round. The coils in your furnace, and the system as a whole, need to be cleaned regularly, especially when the system is used infrequently.

Over time, dust and debris can build up in your furnace system. This dust can cause serious problems in your furnace that go beyond decreasing its efficiency. Regular maintenance by an HVAC contractor in Fair Oaks, CA can help mitigate problems caused by dirty heater coils and other system issues.

Decreased efficiency

To heat your home or business, air is circulated through the heat exchanger in your furnace, blowing warm air out through the ducts, then pulling it back in through return ducts. This forces the heat to circulate again and again until the desired temperature is reached in the building.

When the furnace doesn’t run for a while, dust and debris gathers on and in your heating system and often ends up on the heater coils. When the heater runs, it can also push this dust to the air filter, clogging it. These clogs decrease the overall efficiency of the heating system because the heater has to work harder and longer to heat the building. A harder-working furnace means higher utility bills for you.

System failures

In addition to decreased efficiency, when your furnace has to work harder to circulate warm air, it has the potential to overheat and ultimately break down. The heat exchanger, specifically, can fail if it has to work too hard to push air through, but other furnace components are at risk due to overheating, as well.

When components of your system overheat and break down, you’ll need to spend more money to have those parts replaced or risk having even more damage in the future.

Fire danger

When dust accumulates on your heater coils, it typically gets burned off when the heater runs. However, if too much dust and debris build up, it has the potential to catch fire on the heater coil and pose a serious fire hazard within your home or business.

Health problems

Dust on your heater coils can also affect the health of the people in your home or business. When air is circulated through the coils, it brings dust and debris with it through the vents and into the building, meaning your air quality is decreased.

This is a particular problem for people with allergies and respiratory problems, but can affect everyone in the building’s health.

Rely on an HVAC contractor in Fair Oaks, CA for clean heater coils

To avoid the potential hazards of dirty heater coils in your furnace, contact a professional to have them thoroughly cleaned. This is no do-it-yourself job; only an experienced HVAC contractor in Fair Oaks, CA should handle the maintenance and cleaning of your heater coils.

Call Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service for your furnace maintenance needs! Our experts have served residential and commercial clients with HVAC installation and repair for over 25 years.

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