What Are the Best Ways to Save on Your AC Bill?

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One of the greatest luxuries you can experience is being able to walk into a perfectly cooled house on a hot summer day. Thanks to air conditioners, you can be comfortable even in the hottest, most humid months of the year. But the cost of this luxury can sometimes be steep, as air conditioners use a lot of energy to help you stay comfortable.

Still, there are ways to minimize the cost of cooling your house. If you have home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA, read below to get some hot tips on keeping cool in your home for less:

  • Be conscious of the number: Many people will set their AC thermostat and forget it, leaving it on a fairly low temperature, like 68 degrees, all day and night. But you can cut down on your bill by turning up the temperature to over 80 degrees when you’re out of the house for a long period of time, like at work or on a day trip.
  • Revel in shade: One often-overlooked tip for lowering your AC bills is to plant leafy trees around your house. Because the sun is so effective at making houses warmer as it shines through the windows, you can save a lot through prevention. Buying trees can initially be a big investment, but it can make your air conditioner up to 10 percent more energy efficient.
  • Dress up the windows: Similar to trees, buying special pieces that fit on windows to block sun is another way to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. Window screens made of mesh can intercept a lot of energy from the sun, and they also protect against insects. On the other hand, window films fit right over the glass and reflect heat even though it is transparent. Keep in mind that if you choose window films, you’ll need to keep the windows shut.
  • Try out some fans: If it’s possible given the temperature and humidity level, try to use fans rather than always relying on the AC. It’s best to open windows in rooms on the bottom level of the house and put on fans upstairs with the windows closed. In one-story houses, you should again follow the rule of using fans in rooms with closed windows. Doing this will help to circulate the air and dry sweat from your skin, which has a cooling effect.

Just a few minor changes can help to keep your home air conditioning in Fair Oaks, CA working well and not burning through your budget. One final way to save is to make sure your air conditioning system is well maintained, and a great HVAC service company can do that for you. An excellent choice is Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service, which offers a wide variety of services, from installing and maintaining AC units to repairing duct systems and water heaters.

Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service’s 30 years of experience mean that you can trust our service technicians’ expertise and reliability. We even offer senior and military discounts and give free estimates on any repairs you need. Call now for more information on our rates and services!

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