What Does an AC Do to Cool Down Your Home?

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Almost every person has enjoyed the benefits of a comfortable, air-conditioned home during the spring and summer, but you might be wondering exactly how that AC unit works to cool down your house.

Before you consider whether AC installation in Fair Oaks, CA is right for you, read on to learn more about the nuts and bolts of this important appliance that keeps you sane in the summer:

  • Pulling out the heat: You might consider that an AC unit is like an ice cube, trying to blow around air from something really cold. In fact, it operates in the opposite way, creating the feeling of cold air by pulling heat from the air. To put it simply, the main part of the machine has mechanical pieces that help to absorb heat using a refrigerant—fluid that transfers heat—and then heat the fluid so much that the outdoor air then absorbs it. Through this process, your AC unit sends the hot air from your house into the great outdoors, thus cooling down your living space.
  • Pulling out the moisture: Most people find humid rooms uncomfortable, and hot air can contain more humidity than cold air. Another major focus of the AC unit is to remove this sticky humidity from the air. It does so by blowing air over the machine’s evaporator coil, which allows the moisture to condense onto the coil and leave the air. The water you see dripping from window AC units or draining through a drain pan or drain line is the evidence for this process.
  • Pushing air around: Once the air is “treated” by the AC unit, and is free of heat and moisture, a fan in the AC then pushes the air through your house via the air ducts to lower and then maintain the temperature at your desired setting.
  • Filtering the air: The air that circulates through your house also gets a bit cleaner as it goes through the AC unit, which has an air filter in it. This air filter helps to catch any kind of contaminants, like dust, dirt and pollen, that could be floating around your house. Because of this, it’s important to change the air filter on a monthly or bimonthly basis so it remains clean and decreases the load on your system. (The ideal frequency depends on a number of factors.)

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