Why Call an HVAC Contractor in Fair Oaks, CA for AC Preventative Maintenance Before Summer?

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As a homeowner, you want to take the time at the end of every season to prepare for the next. It’s springtime, so preparing for hot temperatures should be at the top of your do-to list.

Don’t think so? Take a step outside and you will feel the signs of summer already in the air. Enjoy this pleasant spring weather while you still can, because the warm sun, cloudless skies and higher than normal temperatures are all indications of a possible early summer!

Here are the top five benefits of calling an HVAC contractor in Fair Oaks, CA for AC preventative maintenance before the start of summer:

  1. Better air quality: It’s not unusual for particulate matter to accumulate and find its way inside your home’s ductwork. Once in the ducts, unhealthy airborne particles can spread throughout your home. When you hire a trained HVAC technician to service your air conditioning system, you can breathe easier knowing the air inside your home is clean and healthy. Sure, you can clean it yourself, but someone familiar with your system can ensure near-complete removal of dirt and debris particle buildup within the unit.
  2. Increase comfort levels: Sacramento is famous for its triple digit summers. The best way to stay cool this summer is to schedule air conditioner preventative maintenance in the spring. Your technician will make sure your system is running smoothly and test it to ensure the cool air is being distributed evenly throughout your living space. A properly functioning AC keeps every room in your house cool, day and night, which is a wonderful feeling after retreating back inside from the heat outside!
  3. Greater energy efficiency: The more efficient your air conditioning unit, the more energy you can save. Save energy and you’ll notice a decrease in your monthly energy bills. As a part of air conditioner preventive maintenance service, the technician will inspect, test, clean and adjust the major components of your cooling system—the coils, blades, wiring—to ensure the unit is not wasting energy.
  4. Avoid costly repairs and service calls: As life would have it, prime time for air conditioning breakdowns is during the hottest days of the summer. This can cause a backlog of calls to HVAC repair contractors, so chances are you will have to wait a few days in a hot house before a technician can make it out to you. On top of that, AC repairs and replacements can be costly. Regular maintenance is your best bet at avoiding AC problems in the off-season and staying cool all summer long.
  5. Extend the life of the system: Seasonal preventative maintenance keeps your HVAC system in tip-top shape so it can give a stellar performance throughout the hot summer. In addition to this, regular maintenance (and a healthy checkup) can add years to the life of your air conditioner.

Don’t wait long to call an HVAC contractor in Fair Oaks, CA for AC service. Summer will be here before you know it, so contact the experts at Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service today!

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