When and When Not to Use Your AC Installation in Fair Oaks, CA

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Should you turn off your air conditioner when you’re not home? Many homeowners have the same question, and many assume that this is the best option to save money on their energy bills.

Here’s the thing that professional HVAC contractors want you to know: It’s better to leave the thermostat on when no one is home, but turn it up! When you set the inside temperature 10 degrees higher when you’re away, you can save money, stay comfortable and protect your home from bugs and mold.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Below are the top reasons to turn up the thermostat on your AC installation in Fair Oaks, CA rather than turning it off.

Saves You Money on Cooling Costs

There are many things you can do to save money on your cooling costs. One is turning your thermostat up, instead of turning it off completely when you are not home on hot summer days.

To be more specific, HVAC professionals will tell you that turning up your thermostat anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees for at least 8 hours a day is the easiest way to save up to 10 percent on cooling costs throughout the summer months. This really does work! Setting your thermostat higher decreases the difference between the outside and the inside temperature. That simple move lowers your AC’s workload, saving you energy.

If you have a standard thermostat, manually change the temperature setting every morning before you leave the house. Or, invest in a programmable thermostat that will change the temperature automatically after you plug in your desired settings.

Protects Your Home from Bug Infestations and Mold Growth

Turning off your home’s air conditioner during hot summer days can cause indoor humidity levels to skyrocket. Unfortunately for you, two common living things thrive in humidity—mold and bugs. This is because central air conditioners don’t just cool your indoor air, they also dehumidify it.

Turn off your air conditioner completely for the day and it won’t be long before the humidity takes over. The humidity in your home can soar to as high as 60 percent—levels this high are ideal for bug infestations and mold growth.

To combat summertime humidity, turn your thermostat up 7 to 10 degrees when you’re not home so your AC kicks on every so often. The circulating cool air will help control the indoor humidity and maintain recommended healthy levels of 45-55 percent.

Maintains a Comfortable Indoor Environment

Another benefit of leaving the AC on is coming back to a home isn’t muggy and hot. Entering a stuffy house and breathing in humid air can ruin your evening big time. As we’ve mentioned a few times, turn your air conditioner thermostat up 7 to 10 degrees to manage indoor humidity and keep inside temps at a tolerable level.

Want to stay comfortable, save money and avoid mold and bugs this summer? Call Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service to schedule a checkup for your AC installation in Fair Oaks, CA today!

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