An HVAC Contractor in Fair Oaks, CA Debunks the Most Common Air Conditioning Myths

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Central air conditioning systems for homes and businesses are designed to create optimal indoor comfort during the warmer months. You can set the thermostat to hold at a certain temperature, as well as turn on and turn off at specific times. Although air conditioning technology has been around for decades, many homeowners and commercial building owners have little to no clue how their AC system actually works and have trouble separating AC facts from fiction.

First off, that is quite all right—professional HVAC technicians aren’t expecting clients to be in the know like they are. The problem, though, is that many of these misconceptions are widely accepted as truths when they are not.

It’s time to set the record straight! Below, an HVAC contractor in Fair Oaks, CA debunks some of the most common air conditioning myths.

Myth: Bigger AC units are the better option

While the size of your air conditioning unit matters, the key is to find one that is appropriately sized for your home. Because ACs are designed to automatically cool and move air throughout a home or building at a specific rate, a unit that is too big for your home won’t know that it’s working a smaller space. All that will happen is the unit will move air as if it were in a bigger home, which only consumes more energy. This is why an experienced HVAC specialist will want to schedule a home evaluation before presenting you with options.

Myth: Setting the thermostat very low cools your home faster

Doing this absolutely does not work. Your air conditioner works equally as hard to cool your home whether you drop it five degrees or 15 degrees. To ensure a constant cool environment, set your thermostat to the exact temperature you need it to be.

Myth: Close vents in less-used rooms

Somewhere along the way you might’ve heard that closing vents in the rooms you don’t use will redistribute the room’s air to other parts of your home. While it may feel like you’re not wasting cold air on unused rooms, what’s actually happening is that the balance of the air distribution is being thrown off—you’re cooling the insides of the air ducts. The best thing to do is keep vents open whether or not a room is not being used often.

Myth: Turning off the AC when no one is home saves energy

The only time turning off the AC when you’re not at home makes sense is if you plan to be gone for an extended period of time, like leaving for a week-long vacation. Once you return home from work, your cooling unit will have to work extra hard on hot summer days to lower the temperature if it’s been shut off all day. Ideally, you should set the thermostat seven to 10 degrees warmer than your usual comfortable temperature while you’re out for the day.

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