Is Your Air Conditioner the Reason for the Dry Air in Your Home in Fair Oaks, CA?

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If you think your air conditioner is the reason for the dry air in your home in Fair Oaks, CA, you might be right. Here’s what you need to know about dry air and what you can do about it.

Indoor vs. outdoor air humidity

As you may know, of all the seasons, summertime is the most humid. What this means is the air outside can be uncomfortable and humid any time throughout the hot summer months. However, this does not mean an automatic change in the air inside your home. The humidity levels outside are not necessarily going to match up with the levels inside your home. In fact, there’s a pretty high possibility that your indoor air may be too dry in the summer, regardless of how humid it is outside. For many homeowners, if the air is dry inside, they think that turning on the air conditioner will help, but it won’t.

Homeowners with dry indoor air during the summer months are surprised to find out that it’s actually their air conditioner that’s causing their dry air problem. As strange as this sounds, it’s true. Read on to learn how your AC dries out the air and what you can do to free your home from the dryness.

Air conditioners remove humidity from the air

First things first, your home air conditioner is not a dehumidifier. It’s a system that works to cool your indoor living spaces. However, just because your air conditioner doesn’t function as an air dehumidifier does not mean that dehumidification is not a step in the indoor cooling process. Here’s how this works: Your air conditioner removes heat from the air in your home. At the same time, moisture is being drawn out of the air. This drawn-out moisture collects on the evaporator coil, then drains out of your home via the condensate pan and drain line.

This part of the cooling process can be beneficial during the hot summer months, when humidity levels outside are high. Unfortunately, it can prove to be detrimental in some cases and actually cause more problems with your indoor air. What’s happening is that you’re using your air conditioner a lot more to combat the heat—this leads to higher AC usage, even running the unit all day and all night long. The result is the air inside your home getting too dry to breathe or be comfortable spending time in. It’s for this reason that you should consider installing a whole home humidification system.

Whole-house humidifiers

There are several options for home humidifiers. Some are portable devices, while others are large units—like whole-house humidifiers—that benefit the entire house. With a whole home humidifier, there is no water tank to remember to fill, and it doesn’t need to be moved around the house like portable units. You won’t have to worry about over-humidifying the air, because you have the power to set the humidity level.

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