How Do You Know if Your Furnace Needs Attention?

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Winter has arrived, which means the heating season has begun. While California may not get the frigid winters of the northeast and Midwest, you are almost certain to need some level of heating in your home at some point during the winter.

It’s a good idea to schedule furnace maintenance for your home before the winter sets in—the last thing you want is to have a furnace that is suddenly inoperable on some of the chilliest days and nights of the year. Even if you do keep to a regular maintenance schedule, though, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong in your furnace that necessitates repairs, and it’s important that you get those issues resolved as quickly as possible during the winter.

With this in mind, what are some of the most common signs that indicate your furnace needs repairs in Fair Oaks, CA? Here are just a few examples:

  • The furnace smells funny: Abnormal smells are always a warning sign you should take seriously. It is normal to briefly smell a burning odor when you turn your furnace on for the first time each year—this is likely nothing more serious than dust burning off the heating components. However, if you notice that your furnace smells funny in Fair Oaks, CA—whether it smells of fuel, sulfur or something else—it could be indicative of a wide variety of issues, and it’s important to have an HVAC professional check out the issue as soon as possible.
  • Not enough heat: If you’re only getting a low level of heat from your furnace (or worse, no heat at all) and adjustments to your thermostat aren’t helping matters, this is an obvious sign that you’re going to need to get someone out to make some repairs. The problem could be leaks in the ductwork, or the thermostat itself might not be communicating properly with the furnace.
  • Strange noises: All furnaces will produce some level of noise, but if you hear any loud, persistent noises coming from the furnaces, this could be indicative of a problem. Any bangs, clangs, squealing or whistling could be a sign of broken or loose internal components, or of belt or fan issues. Regardless of the cause, you’re going to want to get someone out as soon as you can to resolve the problem.
  • Problems starting the furnace: The older a furnace gets, the more likely you’ll have problems with turning it on and keeping it running throughout the day. If you have problems with it staying running or starting up at all, you will need a professional to come out and investigate the issue. The problem could be disconnected wiring or a damaged thermostat, but this could also simply be a sign that it’s time for you to invest in a new furnace.
  • Low air quality: If you’ve noticed more dust in your air and more respiratory issues popping up among family members, this could be a sign that you need to replace the filter or have your ductwork cleaned.

For more information about how to tell that your furnace needs repairs in Fair Oaks, CA, contact the team at Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service today.

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