The Best Ways to Freshen the Air in Your Home Without Keeping the AC Running

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Air conditioning doesn’t just create cool, comfortable air—it also creates a feeling of freshness in the air that is extremely pleasant. However, if you’re looking to save some money on your energy bills by turning off your AC every now and then, you may be looking for some alternative methods of keeping the air fresh in your home, beyond just having open windows.

Here are a few steps you can take to get fresh air into your Fair Oaks, CA home without losing cool air in the process:

  • Attic venting and insulation: Attics will absorb most of the heat in your home during the summer, because heat rises. You can add roof-mounted fans in the attic to help keep air moving, preventing it from becoming stifling and stale. Putting insulation in the attic will also help, as this will significantly lower the amount of heat that enters the attic from the outside, and also prevents that heat from escaping into the rest of your home underneath.
  • Box fans in windows: Placing box fans in windows can really help with ventilation in your home and with keeping it cool in a more natural way. This is an especially good idea for your upstairs windows. Again, heat rises, so if you don’t have your air conditioning running, your upstairs is more likely to get hot in a hurry. Box fans can help you introduce some freshness and coolness into your rooms.
  • Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans are one of the best ways to stay cool without air conditioning. You should install them in any room where people tend to stay for long periods of time, including the living room and bedrooms. Ceiling fans are extremely energy efficient, and they’ll do a great job of keeping the air moving in your space.
  • Improve existing fans: If you don’t want to purchase a whole bunch of new fans to place around your home, there are still some steps you can take to get better results from the ones you already have. For starters, running your fans counter-clockwise on high will push the air straight down, creating a windchill effect. During the winter months, running them clockwise on low forces warmer air down into the room. You should also make sure to clean the fans regularly. The blades can get very dirty, so cleaning the fans will keep your air fresher while also helping the motor continue to run efficiently.
  • Avoid using the stove: If you don’t have the air conditioner running, you can help keep your home cool and your air fresh by avoiding running the stove. This will prevent you from adding ambient heat through the kitchen and also help you avoid the creation of smoke and steam.
  • Use bathroom and kitchen fans: All bathrooms and kitchens should have ventilation fans installed to clear out humidity while you’re showering or cooking. This will be a great help to you as you aim to keep your air fresh without running your AC.

For more information about the best ways to freshen the air in a home in Fair Oaks, CA, contact Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service today.

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