The Five Best Ways to Maintain an Even Temperature Throughout Your House

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Having one room or part of the house that never quite seems to heat up or cool down can be a frustrating experience for any homeowner, and it can occur for a number of reasons. Heating and cooling systems are delicate operations, and what may otherwise seem like a slight issue can actually manifest itself as uneven temperatures throughout the house. Learning how to control the temperature in your home in Fair Oaks, CA is a relatively simple endeavor if you utilize some simple tricks and fixes to maximize your HVAC system’s potential and efficiency.

  • Insulation is important: The single biggest cause of uneven temperatures around the home is improper insulation. A room that doesn’t have the right amount (or the right kind) of insulation will be much more susceptible to the effects of the outside environment. This means that hot air creeps in during the summer, and cold air in the winter. This can be most apparent around openings like doors and windows, but the insulation in your walls can also be a culprit.
  • Sunlight can affect temperature: Depending on how your house is oriented, you might be getting far more sunshine in one room than another. While this can be a wonderful benefit, it can also influence how you control the temperature in your home in Fair Oaks, CA. Sunlight will warm a room, especially in the summertime, and make it feel much hotter than the other spots in the house where the air conditioning isn’t having to work so hard. Consider installing additional blinds so you have more control over this variable.
  • Consider the ductwork: If your home has forced air heating and cooling with an older HVAC system, then the ductwork might be leaky or simply too long. Rooms that are at “the end of the line” of the ductwork will not receive the same power, so heated or cooled air might not be reaching them as efficiently as it should. If this is your problem, you can begin to better control the temperature in your home in Fair Oaks, CA by having an HVAC professional take a look at the ductwork.
  • Not enough zones: If you only have one heating and cooling zone, then your HVAC system might not have the flexibility it needs. Multiple zones installed by a heating and cooling pro will give you more control over your home’s temperature and give you the ability to cool down particular areas that get too warm, and vice versa.
  • Install a ceiling fan: While decidedly low-tech, a ceiling fan is a great way to even out the temperature in your home in Fair Oaks, CA. They can be used in both summer and winter to help move heated and cooled air throughout rooms and help guarantee a more consistent temperature.

If you’re looking to modify your system so it more evenly heats and cools your house, give the team at Cassel Air Conditioning & Heating Service a call today. We provide an entire suite of residential HVAC services, and we’ll be able to do the job right the first time around.

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