What’s Better for Heating: Gas or Electric?

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Now that winter has arrived, it’s time to make sure your heating system is working as effectively and efficiently as possible. If you’re thinking about installing a new heating system in your home, it’s important to consider the different options for heating, including gas and electric. So, which is better for heating in Fair Oaks, CA: gas or electric? Keep reading to find out more about these heating options and for help deciding which one is right for you.

Gas heating basics

Gas heating is accomplished with a furnace that’s supplied with gas. The furnace generates heat by burning the gas, and that heat is distributed through the home’s ductwork system to increase indoor temperatures. There are a lot of benefits of using a gas heating system:

  • Lower costs: One of the biggest benefits of gas vs. electric heating in Fair Oaks, CA is that gas is less expensive to operate than electric. Natural gas is much more affordable than electricity, and that cost difference can really add up, especially if you run your heating system a lot during the winter months.
  • More rapid heating: Another benefit of gas heating is that it tends to work faster than electric heating. Gas furnaces don’t take time to heat up the way electric heating systems do. As soon as a gas furnace turns on, it’s already running at maximum heat.

Electric heating basics

Electric heating can use baseboard heaters, furnaces or radiators. Electric furnaces distribute heat through the home similar to gas furnaces. Here are the biggest benefits of electric heating over gas heating:

  • Lower upfront cost: One of the main reasons why people choose electric heating over gas heating is that electric furnaces cost less to install. However, the initial savings on installation can be outweighed by the increased long-term cost of running electric heating systems.
  • Simpler installation: Another benefit of electric heating is that installation is simpler. Because there’s no need for external ventilation with electric heating systems, installation doesn’t take as long, and it isn’t as complicated.
  • Easy maintenance: Electric heating systems are also easier to maintain than gas heating systems. Aside from an annual furnace check, these systems generally don’t need much in the way of ongoing maintenance services.

Choosing between gas and electric heating

So, which is better for heating in Fair Oaks, CA: gas or electric? The answer isn’t always simple. The reality is that the ideal heating option depends on individual needs, preferences, budgets and the local climate. The best way to choose the right heating system for your needs is to arrange a consultation with an HVAC contractor, who can guide you through your options and make recommendations for your home.

Professional heating services

If you’re wondering which is better for heating in Fair Oaks, CA, gas or electric, reach out to Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service. We offer comprehensive heating and cooling services for commercial and residential customers alike. No matter what your needs may be, our team is here to help with quality services at affordable rates. Find out more about what we have to offer and schedule a service appointment by giving us a call today.

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