How Often Should You Open Your Windows?

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Airing out your living space in Fair Oaks, CA is trickier than you might imagine. Learning how to smartly utilize your windows will improve the indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. But when left open for too long, windows will also let in dangerous toxins and make your AC unit run nonstop. The trick is mastering how often to open windows, when to open them and for how long.

Once a day

Cracking open the windows once per day greatly improves the air quality of your living space. An outdoor breeze circulates the air in your home, bringing in the good and filtering out the bad. Homeowners who periodically let in some fresh air also notice a significant drop in their energy bills because it serves as an alternative to running the air conditioner all the time. You can save a few bucks on cooler days by turning off the AC and opening the windows.

Keep in mind that you’ll get the most out of fresh air by knowing how often to open the windows. HVAC contractors in Fair Oaks, CA warn against letting windows stay open all day. If the outdoor temperature exceeds the number displayed on your thermostat, the AC unit will run constantly in an attempt to maintain a cooler living space. Windows left open for too long can give you the unintended effect, hiking up the energy bills instead of bringing them down.

Night or early morning

Opening windows has a purpose beyond circulating household pollutants out of your living space. Homeowners can also use fresh air to cool down rooms and extend the lifespan of their AC units. However, a breeze won’t do you any good if the air coming through your windows is nearly 100 degrees! Thus, it’s not simply about how often you should open windows, but when you should open them.

Those wondering how to utilize their windows should remember to open them during the coolest part of the day. The best time to open windows is at night or early in the morning before the sun rises. Make sure outdoor temperatures are cool enough so they don’t trigger the AC unit. Air out your home when the sun isn’t high in the sky—otherwise, your AC unit will run overtime.

Short intervals

Windows don’t have to be open all day in order for the air currents to sufficiently filter out household pollutants. Choose a designated time once per day to open the windows and close them after about 20 minutes. Airborne pollutants lurk in the home, but there are also plenty of toxins outside that you don’t want in your living space, like pollen and exhaust fumes from vehicles. Opening windows in short intervals is the best way to avoid outdoor toxins.

It may sound like common sense to open the windows whenever you need to cool off with some fresh air. However, keeping them open for too long will put extra stress on your air conditioner and cause it to fail when you need it the most.

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