What Is the Best Temperature for Sleeping?

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We’ve all been there—you overheat in the middle of the night and cast aside the bed sheets. Then you’re too cold, so you put them back on. You inevitably get too hot again, and the cycle continues. Finding the right balance between temperature and sleep can get tricky. Keep reading to learn the best temperature to sleep at and why burying yourself under a mountain of blankets may not be such a good idea.

Set your AC to 65 degrees

Some people in Fair Oaks, CA claim a warmer climate helps lull them to sleep. That might be true, but cooler temperatures are better at not only helping you fall asleep but helping you stay asleep as well. Scientists believe your home’s thermostat should be set anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees, and some believe 65 is the magic number for a good night’s rest. Those who normally crank up the heat at bedtime will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference a 65-degree space can make.

Cool temps regulate sleep cycles

Temperature and sleep are directly related to each other. Every day, circadian rhythms determine when we should be awake or asleep. Your body naturally signals when it’s time to do one or the other because the internal temperature lowers at night and rises back up in the morning. Since our core temperatures dip a little right before bedtime, creating a cool sleeping environment further aids the process of falling asleep.

That’s why Fair Oaks, CA sleepers should think twice before donning those cozy fleece pajamas and piling on the blankets. People who enjoy a toasty room are actually raising their internal temperature while their bodies are trying to cool down. This disrupts the circadian rhythm and keeps you up at night when you should be fast asleep. Cozying up might feel nice at first, but you’ll inevitably kick off sweaty bed sheets in the middle of the night.

Other ways to cool down

A good night’s sleep involves more than simply finding the best temperature to sleep at. People who frequently toss and turn should consider other ways to lower their body temperature. One trick is to keep a glass of ice water on your night stand in case you wake up in the middle of the night. It’s the quickest way to lower your temperature, and sleep should soon follow.

Those in search of the best temperature to sleep at should try setting the thermostat low, then adding more blankets. If you wake up feeling too hot, you’ll have a much easier time falling back asleep if you take off a blanket or two rather than crawl out of bed to adjust the thermostat. People living with chronic insomnia can take it a step further and invest in a set of bed sheets or a mattress with built-in cooling technology.

Whether you like sleeping hot or cold, we can all agree that a broken AC unit in the middle of summer would ruin anyone’s night. Thankfully, the HVAC contractors in Fair Oaks, CA at Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service are available seven days a week to get that cool air back up and running. Simply get in touch and our team will arrive at your doorstep right away.

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