Five Ways to Increase Your Home’s Humidity During Wintertime

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Wondering how you can increase your home’s humidity in the wintertime? Even in a climate like that of Fair Oaks, CA, humidity levels in the home vary drastically between the summer and winter seasons. The natural humidity in the air drops during wintertime, making your home feel less comfortable and your skin feel itchy. Good humidity levels also prevent common illnesses and symptoms. In short, a healthy humidity level at home is essential to a healthy life. It’s actually easy to maintain comfortable humidity levels in the home during the winter—just follow these five simple tips when the weather starts getting cooler.

Take time to enjoy a hot shower

Whenever you take a hot bath or a shower, steam is released into the air. Instead of trapping it inside the bathroom, leave the door open as you shower so the steam can escape into the house. If privacy doesn’t allow you to leave the door open, simply keep the shower curtain and the door to the bathroom open once you’re done. Remember not to use the bathroom fan during the winter, since it sucks up the steam instead of blowing it around. It’s better to use a regular fan to blow the steam throughout the house.

Add some houseplants to your décor

Houseplants don’t only make your interior spaces look better—they also improve the humidity levels inside your home. When plants are properly watered, they release vapor from the leaves and naturally increase humidity levels. Palms, philodendrons and evergreens are your best choices when it comes to releasing humidity. Enhance the decorating scheme of your house and the humidity levels at the same time.

Cook using the stovetop

Whenever you boil water or cook on the stove, you release steam into the air. During the winter months, it’s smart to use the stovetop for cooking rather than the microwave if you’re looking to improve the humidity levels in your home. As you’re cooking, remember to keep lids off pots and pans to allow steam to escape.

Install upgraded doors, windows and weatherstripping

Doors, windows or weatherstripping that are in poor condition cause heat and moisture to leak from your home, reducing your indoor air quality and increasing your monthly energy bills. Consider installing efficient doors and windows, complete with quality weatherstripping, to keep warm, moist air in and cold, dry air out during the winter.

Invest in a humidifier

One of the easiest ways to boost humidity levels in your home is by purchasing a high-quality humidifier. There are many different models for different needs, including portable humidifiers for small spaces or whole-home systems to provide complete coverage throughout the house. Whole-home systems are recommended for their efficiency—they’re able to maintain healthy humidity levels in even the largest of homes.

Controlling a home’s humidity levels in the wintertime is actually simpler than you might think. By following the steps on this list, you’ll feel more comfortable at home during the colder months of the year. Contact Cassel Air Conditioning and Heating Service today to learn more about improving the air quality and your overall comfort at home.

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