Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

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Getting ready for winter? Don’t forget to add winter furnace maintenance to your to-do list! As cold weather approaches, you’ll be relying on your furnace more and more to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Here are six winter furnace maintenance tips to keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

Schedule a professional cleaning

Nothing keeps your furnace running efficiently quite like a professional cleaning. Many people don’t realize that their furnace should be one of the top items on their “to-clean” list, since the dirtier a furnace gets, the less efficiently it runs and the more likely it is for critical components to break.

During your cleaning, your technician will clean the filter system, blower and motor, as well as any minor components that need attention. The technician will also inspect the heat exchanger, the blower and blower motor, and perform any necessary tests to ensure your unit is running as it should.

Check your thermostat

A poorly-functioning thermostat has an impact on the performance of your furnace. During your furnace cleaning, your technician should take a look at your thermostat to look for any potential issues, including inaccurate calibration. Your technician will determine whether your thermostat setting matches the actual temperature of your property, enabling you to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature year-round.

Replace the air filter

Winter furnace maintenance isn’t complete without changing the filter. Regular filter changes are absolutely necessary to keep your indoor air quality in top condition, preventing airborne illnesses and allergens from polluting the air you breathe.

A dusty, dirty filter can’t properly clean the air that the furnace puts out, plus your furnace will have to work harder to push air through it. Rather than spend more money on your energy bills, invest in a new filter to keep your furnace running smoothly and your air fresh and clean.

Monitor the control valve

Most furnace models have a control valve for safety purposes. If your furnace doesn’t seem to produce any heat, the control valve is the component you should check first. Look to the supply line on a gas furnace and determine whether the valve is in the “on” position, allowing gas to flow freely into the unit.

Lubricate the blower motor

Check your furnace owner’s manual to determine whether your unit requires blower motor lubrication. If so, turn off power to the unit, open the cover and clean all caps over the bearings. Then, take off the caps and lightly lubricate the bearings.

Check your CO detectors

Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. Before winter fully arrives, test your carbon dioxide detectors so you’ll be promptly alerted if your furnace develops a leak. Regular testing throughout the season is essential for keeping you and your family safe.

Cold weather is fast approaching. Do you know if your furnace is ready to carry you though the coldest nights of winter? Follow the winter furnace maintenance tips above and reach out to Cassel Air Conditioning & Heating Service for all your HVAC service needs. We do what it takes to keep your furnace running efficiently all winter long.

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