Using Ceiling Fans in Winter

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Ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping cool in the winter. You can use ceiling fans all year round to save money on heating costs, too. While it might seem counterintuitive, using ceiling fans in winter can actually make you feel warmer.

Read on to find out more about how this works.

What ceiling fans do

You might think that a ceiling fan lowers the room’s temperature after you turn it on, but the reality is that ceiling fans aren’t responsible for raising or lowering a room’s temperature. Instead, what happens is that the fan circulates the air and makes you feel cooler, creating a wind-chill effect on your skin.

You can use the ceiling fan to create the opposite effect as well. By reversing the ceiling fan so that it operates in a counterclockwise direction, you will feel warmer as the fan moves warm air from the ceiling down to the living spaces below.

Using ceiling fans in winter

Compared to turning up the heat or air conditioning, using a ceiling fan is a no-brainer. It costs far less to run because it uses less energy. This makes it much more environmentally friendly as well.

During the winter, the floors are cold, while the air near the ceiling and upper levels of the home is warmer. By reversing the ceiling fan direction, you force that air down, redistributing the heat to the floor and making you and your family warmer without touching the thermostat. On a day that’s merely a little chilly, you can likely get away with just a ceiling fan to keep warm.

How utilizing ceiling fans saves homeowners money

You might be skeptical of how much money you can really save. Just like during the summer, using ceiling fans the right way during the winter can deliver returns. In fact, experts estimate that you can save up to 15 percent on your energy bills.

You can top out these savings by utilizing an Energy Star-rated ceiling fan. These use superior motors and blade design to maximize energy efficiency. Some of these fans can deliver 60 percent more efficiency than standard models.

Unlike heating, with a ceiling fan, you don’t need to warm up a room before you enter it. Since it’s only making you feel warmer, simply turn the fan on when you enter a room, and turn it off when you leave. There’s no need to run it continuously as you do with the HVAC system.

Ceiling fans and your HVAC system

Of course, ceiling fans can’t replace an effective HVAC system; they merely complement the system. By not having to pump up the heating and cooling, your system will last longer.

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