Do I Qualify for California Tech Rebates?

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Saving money is something that we all love to do, but saving energy is also great. With so many states trying to encourage people to save energy, the SMUD rebates are just one great example. There are tons of great rebates to help you recoup some of your money back from any upgrades you might make.How Can I Get SMUD Rebates?

The SMUD rebate is offered by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. They are offering a rebate to people who upgrade their heating and cooling systems to more energy-efficient models. The rebate is meant to encourage people who may be hesitant to upgrade due to cost take the steps toward upgrading and help offset the finances a bit.

To get a SMUD rebate, you first need to choose a contractor that is participating in the SMUD program. You can check the SMUD site to see what contractors are part of the program. You then need to have your contractor install a qualifying multi-stage heat pump that is electric. This system will benefit you in lower bills each month and benefit the electric company in that it uses far less electricity.

The next step is to get your rebate application from your contractor and have them sign it, and you sign it. They will then mail in the rebate form, and you simply wait for your refund.

What Appliances Qualify for California Rebates?

A few different types of appliances qualify for a SMUD rebate. The first is to upgrade your old gas water heater to electric. You can also get a rebate if you upgrade your electrical panel, upgrade your heat pump to electric, or upgrade your HVAC unit.

The goal of this program is to encourage people to upgrade their appliances or get new appliances that use less energy, lowering the stress on the energy grid and saving you some money each month. By upgrading appliances to more energy-efficient appliances, you can save money, enjoy an appliance that will work far better, and help reduce emissions and overall energy use across the grid.

The rebate amounts do vary depending on what you have done. A water heater upgrade from gas to electric can get you up to $3,100. An update of your gas water heater of less than 55 gallons to an electric one can get you up to $3,800. You can get up to $1,500 for upgrading your water heater from an older electric to a newer one, or you can even get up to $2,800 to upgrade your electrical panel.

These are all fantastic rebates that can help you get some money back for upgrading to new energy-efficient appliances that run better overall.

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