Why Does My Air Conditioner Cool Less?

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Air conditioners are a modern convenience enjoyed by millions. Indeed, roughly 90 percent of American homes now have air conditioning. Like other appliances, air conditioners must be rigorously maintained and may become less efficient or effective over time. You may find that the AC in your home is now less effective at cooling.Wondering why is the air not cold from my AC? Many things could cause your AC to become less effective over time. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons that your AC is offering less effective cooling.

Problems With the Refrigerant

Air conditioners and fridges are able to cool spaces by using refrigerants. Essentially, refrigerants absorb the heat from a given body of air and then transfer it elsewhere. This allows them to generate cool air, which they can then pump into your home via a central heating system.

Your AC system may suffer a refrigerant leak. With less refrigerant, the AC simply won’t be able to cool air as well. The result? Less effective cooling throughout your home. If so, patching the leaks and replenishing the refrigerant may restore your air conditioner.

Dirt and Grime

For air conditioners to function properly, they need to be clean. Often, air filters get clogged up with dust, debris, and other things. Once gunked up, the dirty air filters can strain your AC and reduce its cooling power. Fortunately, switching out air filters for clean ones may quickly improve the unit’s cooling capability.

Air filters aren’t the only concern with dirt and grime. You’ll want to check the AC unit’s exterior. First, check the evaporator. This unit takes heat and transfers it, creating cold air. If the evaporator is covered in gunk, it may reduce the unit’s ability to transfer heat.

The condenser is also vital for the functioning of an air conditioner. If it’s clogged up, it’ll interrupt the proper flowing of air, once again blocking heat transfer. There’s also a chance that debris has somehow jammed up over your vents and ducts, which too could reduce airflow.

Ultimately, your air conditioning unit and entire HVAC system should be cleaned from time to time. This will help ensure effective, efficient cooling.

Faulty Motors, Compressors, and Other Components

Even the best air conditioning system will wear out at some point. Some components may also be damaged by weather or other factors. If your air conditioner motor is no longer functioning, your unit may no longer be able to cool and pump air. Likewise, the condenser may be clean but may have broken down. Repair or replacement may be needed.

There’s also a chance that something is wrong with the thermostat. Maybe wiring broke down, for example. No matter the cause, an air conditioner not working will require consulting with AC and HVAC experts that can get your air conditioning unit and entire heating/cooling system up and running.


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