Things to Know Before Installing a Smart Thermostat

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A smart thermostat is a temperature control that can learn your temperature-setting habits and adjust its own settings accordingly, as well as be controlled remotely from your phone or computer. It also provides a wealth of information—it can even help you understand your energy consumption habits and keep records of how those numbers change over time.

All of this adds up to a nifty little device that can really save you some time and money if you install and use it properly. That said, there are some things you’ll want to know before you opt for installing a smart thermostat in Fair Oaks, CA.

Technological requirements

Because smart thermostats are more advanced pieces of equipment, they do have particular requirements in order to control them. First of all, your home must have a reliable wi-fi network installed. All smart devices are reliant on wireless internet in order to run properly, and smart thermostats are no exception.

Next, if you buy a smart thermostat that offers the ability to control it from a smartphone, you’ll likely have to download a specific app in order to do so. Most companies have their own proprietary applications, and you’ll be directed to the right one when you’re installing your smart thermostat in Fair Oaks, CA. This gives you far more control over the device, so we highly recommend you do this immediately upon installing the thermostat.

Advanced features abound

As was mentioned above, the biggest benefit of smart thermostats is the host of bells and whistles they offer. For starters, some models can tell whether or not a room is occupied and adjust the temperature to a comfortable level accordingly. Others use geofencing technology to determine when you’ve left the house or pulled back into the driveway and can raise or lower the temperature to make sure you’re not heating or cooling the house unnecessarily.

Finally, many are able to learn your preferences and automatically adjust their levels in response to your likes and needs. Installing a smart thermostat in Fair Oaks, CA means you’re using a very advanced technology that will increase your HVAC’s efficiency and save you money in the long run.

Consider hiring a professional

Swapping out a programmable thermostat for another one is a relatively simple one that most DIY-ers can manage. However, when it comes to how to install a smart thermostat in Fair Oaks, CA, there are some key differences from older models. Smart devices require more power in order to run properly, thanks to their lighted touch screens and wi-fi connections, so a cable called a “C-wire” comes into play. Many older homes don’t even have this wire installed, so you’ll need to call in an experienced electrician to properly install both the wiring and the device.

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